SCRAMBLE 'Bushido Athletics' Shorts

SCRAMBLE 'Bushido Athletics' Shorts SCRAMBLE 'Bushido Athletics' Shorts


KAPOW! Scramble shorts are here! 

Feel that on your face? That's a breath of fresh air with these bright purple and yellow MMA and grappling shorts.  Made to the highest standards.  The Scramble 'Bushido Athletics' shorts feature contrast yellow stitching, a yellow flex panel in the crotch for all your high-kicking / rubber guarding needs, a velcro strap with drawstring inner, a pocket for storing your gum shield or your opponent's balls, and all kinds of other awesome crap that you need when grappling or doing MMA. The Japanese characters on the front say "Bushido" - warrior way for life! As always, Scramble gear is limited run, so get yer grubby mitts on them ASAP. These shorts have an elasticated waist so you can expect a snug fit around the waist. The shorts expand to fit the size shown. 


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