SCRAMBLE 'Essentials' T-shirt (Blue)

SCRAMBLE 'Essentials' T-shirt (Blue) SCRAMBLE 'Essentials' T-shirt (Blue)


Another bold addition to the Scramble range. Featuring their new logotype emblazoned across the front with the message Essentials of Jiu Jitsu, this t-shirt was initally inspired by the famous Japanese pro-wrestling / MMA crossover legend Kazushi Sakuraba's WATER t-shirt, but grew all on its own from there. The back is printed with a design based around the four essentials of jiu jitsu, the basics.  Takedown, pass guard, mount and submission. This is written in English and in katakana (phonetic Japanese.) The characters in the middle read Ju Jutsu, and then 'kihon' which means "basics". These tees are WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and Fair Wear approved, meaning they were made under favourable conditions, and then screen printed on top of the range machines in the UK. The Scramble 'Essentials' t-shirt is a medium weight, 100% cotton shirt. The sizing is completely average. A small is small, and XL is big. Enjoy!


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