SCRAMBLE 'Crossed Swords' Shorts

SCRAMBLE 'Crossed Swords' Shorts SCRAMBLE 'Crossed Swords' Shorts


The Scramble 'Crossed Swords' Shorts, perfect for no-gi grappling, MMA, surfing.   Scramble's Bushido Athletics shorts are awesome, but now they're showing the world they can still be awesome - even without purple. 

The Crossed Swords are understated with a sleek black and grey colour scheme. They are the same great quality, with: 100% polyester construction, strong velcro fixings, drawstring AND velcro waist (take your pick!).  Pocket for storing mouthguard.  Flexible lycra crotch panel.  

Fully sublimated prints on shorts and embroidered Velcro panel The characters on the back read "budo", an old Japanese word for "martial arts". The crest is what's known as a kamon, and this one shows two crossed arrowheads - a popular symbol for warriors of the samurai era.


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