Buchecha Vs Galvao Pan 2013 Open weight final

The much anticipated open weight finals between two of the most athletic and exciting BJJ practition
Posted on 12th Apr 2013

Happy Customer!

Received this email from a very happy customer. At BJJ Locker we pride ourselves on fantastic custom
Posted on 7th Apr 2013

BJJ Hygiene

There's no excuse for poor hygiene. Wash your Gi after after every roll, and wash yourself! No one l
Posted on 4th Mar 2013

BJJ Gi Sale

Due to demand the Gi sale has been extended into the first week of March 2013. Stocks are running o
Posted on 3rd Mar 2013

Baseball Bat or Samurai Choke

BJJ Submission from Draculino. Baseball Bat choke or Samurai choke with the Gi.
Posted on 4th Feb 2013

Genki Sudo in Westside Tournament

Genki Sudo in Westside Tournament. No Gi awesome Skills.
Posted on 6th Jan 2013

Crazy BJJ guards, berimbolos & reverse de la Riva

Love it or hate it, fascinating to watch! Upside down guard, reverse de la Riva, berimbolos and more
Posted on 2nd Jan 2013

Some slick skills from the Ruffo Brothers

This video is simply amazing.  To have these skills at such a young age, wow!
Posted on 2nd Jan 2013

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